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Leverage Your Time
Increase Your Facebook Lead Capture

Have you been asking yourself these questions:


  • I’ve got a Facebook Business Page, now what do I do?
  • Some people tell me to post a couple times a week, others say a couple times a day.  Which is it?
  • What am I supposed to say?
  • What type of posts should I be posting?
  • Why isn't anyone liking or commenting on my posts?
  • How do I get more likes?
  • When am I supposed to find the time to do this?


Are all of these thoughts scrambling around in your brain?  I know they did in mine when I was leading a busy and successful real estate team.

That's why I created the Facebook Domination Secret, for real estate agents just like you.  I experienced first hand the massive increase in my business and now I want to share my knowledge with you!

I am so passionate about helping real estate agents like you, that I'm offering Facebook Domination Secret for the first 30 days for only $1.


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"What Is Facebook Domination Secret?"

Facebook Domination Secret is a membership program focused on helping real estate agents capture, convert and close Facebook leads. 

Here's how it works ...

1. First and foremost, you'll get status updates. Lots of them. Updates focused on capturing real estate leads, not just "making noise."

2. All updates are written and tested personally, by us.  Written with an intimate knowledge of real estate, focused on the consumers wants and desires, written to consistently draw traffic and drive lead capture.  We know your business, we know your unique marketing needs and we know the legal issues you face.  Couple that with our expertise at driving traffic and capturing leads, you've got a powerhouse behind you.

3. You have total editing power.  You can make changes to any update you desire.  We suggest you selectively use this as the updates you'll receive are tested for effectiveness.  Changes can negatively affect their response and capture rate.

4. There is zero creative work needed from you.  You simply post the Facebook status updates on your page on a daily basis.  You'll increase your search engine rankings, improve your Facebook ranking and attract new clients without having to spend time thinking up all of your updates.

5. The Facebook Domination Secret is ideal for the busy agent, or their assistant, to manage, without having to come up with a strategy.  No need to be creative and no need to hunt down content.

6. You'll learn how to dominate your market.  Through hands-on video training, step-by-step how-to articles, daily interaction in the private Facebook mastermind group and our monthly Facebook coaching hangouts, you'll quickly learn how to master Facebook, stay on top of constant changes, and capture real estate leads.

7. With three options to choose from, you pick what works best for you and your business:

Our FDS Green agents are just starting out and are looking for something beyond the "noise."  They know that the content they put on their pages is important, but their businesses just aren’t bringing in the revenue, yet.  They are taking the first step on the ladder: getting high quality, lead generation focused content, on their page.  They are posting it themselves.  They are managing their own engagement.

Our FDS Purple agents are ready to leverage but not ready for total strategic domination. They aren’t quite ready yet to have an all encompassing ad management and engagement management strategy.  They are realistic about their own time and their own follow through.  They want relevant, optimized posts on their page and they want someone else to make sure it happens.  They are still taking the time to watch their pages, to engage with their followers, and are often still posting their own content on their pages.

Our FDS Gold agents are all about total and complete leverage, lead generation and strategic domination. They are focused on generating leads, capturing them, nurturing them, and closing sales.  They understand the insane value in leveraging their time and they understand that Facebook isn’t a simple “social media platform”.  They want a targeted strategy when it comes to their Facebook page.  They want their page taken care of, their Facebook ads drawing traffic and leads, and their time freed up to do the money making work on their real estate business.  They want their page followers to have no idea it’s not them on their page.  They want customized & seamless.


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Satisfaction Guarantee



Testimonials & Results

"I like it! Being a husband, father, broker, owner, friend etc. I don’t have the time to sit there and try to think up this kind of stuff."
“Like most business owners, I’ve had a Facebook page for a while. And it did nothing. 

I had no idea how to use it for anything productive, and on the rare occasions that I did post something to it….no one commented. I quickly gave up and went back to working on things that I knew how to do.

Christina has completely changed that for me. When I met her she was running a business that most people would assume had to be done in person and she was doing it strictly through social media leads. She KNEW how to use social media to get leads that would convert.

Christina has been advising me on using social media for business for several months. She tells me exactly what I need to be doing (even if it’s not want I want to hear) and then I do it. And it works, and I come back and ask what I need to do next. And then I do that. And it works.

These days when I post to my Facebook business page….conversations happen. People ask questions and I’m able to demonstrate my expertise. My social media contacts are engaged. That’s the kind of help that I need and that’s the kind of help that Christina can give you.”
"Christina has taken the traditional real estate business model and figured out all the secrets to attracting prospects online. She understands what clients are looking for in a real estate agent and how to deliver it through social media in an automated and systematic way."

Real Results


Page Example:
418% increase in Total Reach (this means that the number of their fans who saw updates from their business page increased by 418% by using Facebook Domination Secret)
2466% increase in Post Reach (this means that the number of their fans who saw each individual post increased 2466%.  This kind of increase requires updates that are interesting and capturing, updates that fans engage with).

Page Example: 
220% increase in Total Reach (total number of fans who saw their updates)
857% increase in Post Reach (total number of fans who saw individual posts)

Page Example:
300% increase in Engagement, on multiple posts, in a single day.

Page Example:
14% increase in Total Reach (total number of fans who saw their updates)
56% increase in Post Reach (total number of fans who saw individual posts)

Page Example:
12% increase in Total Reach (total number of fans who saw their updates)
12% increase in Post Reach (total number of fans who saw individual posts)


You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!


We're so absolutely sure that Facebook Domination Secret will increase your real estate business, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for whatever reason, Facebook Domination Secret does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email and we'll cancel your membership right away!

You have nothing to lose!


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Satisfaction Guarantee